Thank you for choosing Direct-Care

We are most appreciative that you have chosen to trust our firm with the care of your loved one. We have provided this information and selection guide for you to have accurate information at your finger tips when making many funeral related decisions.

All funeral homes are required to provide you with clear, transparent pricing, and ensure that you receive the Manitoba Board of Funeral Service Pamphlet when reviewing pricing on first contact. The Cremation Process is currently handled through Kotaska Cremation Services in Selkirk, MB. From time to time and based on availability it might be handled by another cremation service as decided by management. The “GPL” General Price List with all of our services and merchandise is made available during the arrangement conference for families wanting more detail. Minimum merchandise to fulfill the funeral/memorial or direct cremation function are generally not included, however, minimal basic containers are included in all of our cremation services. DCC was designed to eliminate many unnecessary steps or purchases if you require simple cremation, however we can provide additional services in conjunction with one of our affiliate locations. Please discuss with your funeral director as additional fees maybe added based on the scope of preparation, services, rush fees etc.

  • For the Simple Cremation process a funeral director is available to answer questions. Signatures by the executor/or authorized decision maker will be required prior to cremation occurring. Call our answering service at (204) 803-4067 and they will route your call to the appropriate individual for guidance.
  • We have recently added full services to Direct-Care with the addition of our affiliate locations at Mosaic and two church properties in south winnipeg for ceremonies and receptions.
  • All families must sign our disclosure statement that will be provided during arrangements.
  • All families must sign the Contract estimate (This estimate is not the final invoice, it will either be supplied on the
    day of service in the DCC Portfolio, or will be mailed or emailed out within 2-3 days of the service/disposition).
  • Financing requests – we do not offer payment plans on at-need funerals, if we are expected to hold account for 10 days from date of death we will charge an administration fee of $350.00. To prearrange contact our affiliate Funeral Home location – Mosaic Funeral Services @ (204) 275-5555. Fees will be slightly higher to offset future cost increases.
  • We can assist and advise on cemetery choices, often times it is good to look at several options prior to selecting a cemetery. We do not carry cemetery cash disbursements on our accounts.
Professional Service Charges

What are they? Each month and some annually, we have an obligation to the following:

  • Staff – Wages, Benefits
  • Vendors – suppliers, telephones, taxes, internet, hydro, gas etc., snow clearing, garbage removal
  • Professional Dues and Fees
  • Building and office rental/ Leases – four Facilities serving Winnipeg and Manitoba families
  • Disbursements, clergy, church, organist, caterers etc.
  • Vehicles – Professional and Utility Vehicles, Fuel, Maintenance, Insurance
  • Donations to many organizations through the year
  • Capital improvements on property

Our Affiliates


Mosaic Funeral Chapel – 1839 Inkster Blvd.
  • Arrangement and Selection Rooms
  • Offers climate controlled room for Decedent Storage & Preparation Areas
  • Seating for up to 300 people
  • Fully Functional Chapel
  • Fully Functional Reception Room
  • Sound System, Audio/Visual Rentals
  • Funeral Directors on call with Staff available by phone 24hrs/day (204) 803-4067


Transformation Community Church – 50 Barnes St.
  • Arrangements
  • Seating for up to 400 people in the chapel
  • Fully Functional Chapel
  • Family Gathering Areas
  • Fully Functional Reception Room upto 350 people
  • Sound System, Audio/Visual Rentals
  • Plenty of parking
  • Location Handicap friendly
  • Clergy on Site
  • Funeral Directors available by phone 24hrs/day (204) 803-4067
Truth and Life Worship Centre – 51 Richfield Ave.
  • Arrangements
  • Seating for up to 250 people
  • Fully Functional Chapel
  • Family Gathering Area
  • Functional Reception Room upto 100 People f) Sound System, Audio/Visual Rentals
  • Clergy on Site
  • Funeral Directors available by phone 24hrs/day (204) 803-4067

Due to COVID-19 and our responsibility to public health all arrangements will be made at the Inkster location.



(204) 803-4067

24-hour on-call licensed funeral staff


Contact for arrangements:

Monday – Friday, 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Arrangement locations are flexible and convenient


Direct-Care Cremation

Serving you from four city locations (please refer to COVID statement)