By Katerina Pitzner
August 17 2016

Have you ever had a makeover? Well, it’s really never too late. Now you can even plan your own post-mortem makeover and turn into a diamond.

A few years ago, Swiss-based Algordanza made headlines worldwide with their novel offer of turning deceased loved ones – family members or pets – into scintillating ‘memorial diamonds’. My 4 kids have even started joking about which of them will inherit me (in the shape of a diamond) and which color I should become. To be honest I think it’s a risky idea. What if a thief were to make off with me – or if some day I were to end up at auction and simply become just another synthetic gemstone in someone’s bank box.

Nonetheless, memorial diamonds are already a thing. Whether they will spark a whole new jewellery trend remains to be seen, but a host of laboratories have recently emerged to provide ashes-to-gemstone transformations. Every year, ash samples from 800-900 cremations arrive at the Algordanza laboratory, which are subsequently returned to sender in the form of glittering gemstones, allowing the bereaved the chance to preserve the memory of their loved ones and feel that they are still present among us.

Full article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/katerina-pitzner/from-ashes-to-diamonds_b_11560760.html